Chi square test for total score- group comparison

Hello fellas,

I have recently graduated and now started working for an institution that provides training courses. I have a task where I have to conduct chi square test on two groups of participants who have received a course on communication. and I want to know if this course was effective or not. So I made 2 groups one of those who participated in the course and one who didnt (Other customers who did not participate in this course but they were already customers of other courses) I have used the same set of questions and let both groups participants respond on a likert scale of strongly agree.. until... Strongly dosagree to some questions/statements I prepared part of a survey.
I’m thinking if I take the scores of each group on each question by multiplying frequency of each answer of the strongly agree, agree, disagree... multiplied by the weight of that answer and then taking the sum per that question I will get the total score of that question then I do the same for the questions answers of the other group and then run both scores against the groups(group 1 and group2) to find the significant point between the two groups and to be able to tell if my hypothesis that the course was effective is accepted or not.

I appreciate if you can help me with this.