Choosing the appropriate test for research proposal synopsis

My research question is as follows: Is there a difference between the pornography content viewed by adult males in long term relationships and the pornography content viewed by adult females in long term relationships. The null hypothesis would be that there is no difference. From my understanding I have one categorical variable = gender and the other is also categorical (I think) which is content type and that means I would use a t test and Bonferroni's. ? Is this correct and if not why? This is my last assessment for my final unit of study.


Not a robit
You are likely looking at comparison of proportions so, ttest my not be appropriate. Also, what do you do if content type is not mutually exclusive. Can content include more than one subcategory? If so you end up with many content groups and dimensions.
Thanks, there would definitely need to be categories and sub categories. Ideally it would be helpful to look at what content is veiwed mutually but I need to keep it as simple as possible. Are you able to explain a bit more about comparison of proportions. I thought I had my head around the statistical tests but I am so confused now.