Choroplethr - Zooming in within a region?

Hello all,

I'm trying to create a choropleth plot to show iguana population data on a map of the Galapagos.
I have installed choroplethr, maps, mapdata, RNetCDF and choroplethrAdmin1.


> head(get_admin1_regions("ecuador"))
country region
849 ecuador provincia de bolivar
850 ecuador provincia de cotopaxi
851 ecuador provincia de el oro
852 ecuador provincia de esmeraldas
853 ecuador provincia de francisco de orellana
854 ecuador provincia de galapagos

I located Galapagos (region) with Ecuador (country). However I can't seem to zoom into the Galapagos and distinguish between the islands.

Does anyone know a way of doing this, or a package more suited to the job?

I am very much an R beginner so your help is very much appreciated,

Thank-you in advance,