Clinical Trial Simulator - Your feedback is welcomed!

Hi all

I hope it's alright if I introduce my clinical trial simulator app here. It's free and you can use it online to simulate a trial, check it out:

Currently, it's a proof-of-concept with only the most basic features implemented. Let me know what kind of features you could use in your work. I envision the following use case:

How many patients need to be enrolled to achieve a given power (at specified delta, sigma and alpha)? --> Enter parameters, select model, run simulation and obtain the required (minimum) number of patients.

Thanks again for any feedback!


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Without explanation for the inputs I'm only really guessing as to which each thing represents. After playing with it for a while I don't think even my initial guess as to what "patients" represented was correct.

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I added in a preliminary version of a help system (it shows what each variable is about when you hover over it with the mouse).

Thanks for your earlier input, greatly appreciated.