Cloud Analytic software

Does anyone know of any cloud based analytical tools. I dont want to download anything and i dont want to have to store bigdata sets on my computer.

any ideas?
thanks Lazar, but i had more in mind of an existing application that i can simply log in and start using... i dont want to have to deal with installing and upgrading and all that jazz..... just want a simple 'log in and start using' option. Something i can upload my data onto, analyze, create charts reports etc
Rstudio sever edition running on amazon ec2"]
Of course you could run a heap of other things on ec2 like data analysis using python.
It's a good advice I think that can offer enough functionality.
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Hi, For normal data storage there are many free services such as SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox, etc. But when it comes to storing Big data, you will be required to buy premium services and it can be provided by various analytic companies. There are various tools provided by an IBM, SAS, Aureus, etc. For more information you can visit the below link:-

Hope it helps!!