Cluster Analysis

I need to know that how i can split group by cluster analysis ? that how i can determine that which group of number of customer have the high potential to churn and to change to other operators(telecom provider) such as Verizon, AT&T
i have dummy data by each column. i'm not sure that how can use which stat model to categorize the group of high opportunity to churn from current operators.
can be clusters? and how to do this?
In your data set you have

1) independent variables, which describe customers,
2) dependent variable: 1 for "changed providers" and 0 for "did not change providers".

The presence of the dependent variables means that you are working on a classification problem, not a cluster analysis (unsupervised learning) problem... Examples of classification methods are logistic regression, discriminant analysis, Naïve Bayes, k-nearest neighbor, boosted trees, random forest, support vector machines, etc.
Hi staassis
thank a lot for you reply. but still confuse. so i can not use cluster analysis right? and i need to dummy data column for dependant variable as 1 ,0 too?
please kindly suggest.