Clustering standard errors in AMOS

Hi all,

Do any of you know how to cluster standard errors in a SEM-model constructed in AMOS?

I have a paper which focuses on individuals in organizations. I have about 400 individuals distributed over about 200 organizations. In 80 organizations, I have just one respondent, in the other org's I have > 2.

The paper received a Major Revision. The main comment was: You do not account in your analysis for clustering at the organizational level. You have to do this by clustering your standard errors at the organizational level.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I know MPlus offers some options, but I'd rather stick to AMOS (largely because I've never used MPlus). Can you cluster standard errors at a higher level in AMOS, thus accounting for potential issues of having nested data?

In advance, thanks for your help!