Coefficient of Variance

I hope someone can help. Ive got 12 repeat measurements (taken weekly) of 6 different variables (for 60 subjects). I want to see whether some variables are more sensitive than others so I am planning to look at my coefficient of variations and compare them. Each variable is measured in different units so I have logged my data to account for that but now Im not sure how to run SPSS to get my mean square error (to then square root, and anti-log etc to get my CoV)
Ive stacked my data and done separate univariate anovas with trial (ie my repeat measures) as fixed factor and subject no as random factor. But Im not sure this is the right way? My CoV's all come out as 3.2% exactly so Im thinking Ive done something wrong! I also want to be able to control for gender and age group so is there another way to do this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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36 views and no replies - is there something I could explain better to enable someone to offer advice? Im really struggling here and have tried my best but just can't seem to get past this hurdle...........