Combining different measures of survival for a SR

I am working on a systematic review which aims to quantify, amongst other outcomes, the survival after a particular type of surgery. The articles I have found so far use different measures of survival - 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, and a few only report median survival (in months)

Is there a meta-analytic technique that can combine these different measures to give an overall survival rate for all the studies?
Meta analysis is often used for integrating the effect size from multiple studies, such as odds ratio and hazards ratio. You may want to check if the papers provide the similar effect size with standard errors and study sample size. I suspect you do not have patient level data from published peer review literatures. PROC MCMC can perform Bayesian meta analysis. Please check the example in SAS documentation.
Thanks for the reply.

The studies I am reviewing are reporting case series, rather than conducting comparisons, so doing a meta-analysis on effect sizes isn’t an option for me.