Combining variables - Double counting items?

I am wondering about combining variables. I am combining different items (on an assessment) into two different categorical variables.
The first one is going to be MT (I have already recoded and combined the two items of 'hospital' and 'fragile' to compute the variable which is just 0, not present, or 1, present). The second variable will be IT (again I have recoded DV, EA, PA and N to 0 or 1).
Now although I have already created the variables, it was noted to me that the syntax I used does not account for "doubling up" so I need to go back and re-create them but tell the computer that those with DV only code for DV (violence), those who have PA only code for PA etc. Instead, the variables I created don't guarantee that the assessments with DV marked DV only and not other experiences.

The syntax I created does not ensure that the item is not double counted. So for example, the syntax I used for MT was:
COMPUTE MT=hospital OR fragile.
IF ((hospital=0) & (fragile=0)) MT=0.
IF ((hospital=1) & (fragile=1)) MT=1.

Essentially, what I am left wondering is how to combine variables, but ensuring that it is the item alone (in isolation) on the assessment that is being accounted for, as individuals could mark more than one response for their experience.