Command outreg2 not working anymore


I try to do the following command, written below, with -outreg2- but Stata always says that -outreg2- is an unrecognized command

I recently got a new PC with Windows 7 home premium 64Bit..Could that be the source of the problem, I am still using Excel 2007, its strange because I never had problems with command before..Does somebody have an idea for the solution?

xtset gvkey year

xtlogit takeoverinvolvement Sales1yrgr currentratio DEratio LogMVequity TobinsQ PEratio buseq chems durbl enrgy hlth manuf money nodur other shops telcm utils

outreg2 using controlvar_, stats(coef tstat) alpha(.01, .05, .1) addstat(Adj R-squared, e(r2_b)) excel replace

unrecognized command: outreg2


-outreg2- is not part of Stata. It is a user-written program that you need to install separately. The easiest way of finding user-written programs is with -findit-:
findit outreg2

Although in the case of -outreg2- I can tell you that the latest version to be found is hosted on SSC (the statistical software components archive), so you can install it directly using the -ssc- command:
ssc install outreg2
Outreg2/ can not be installed


OUTREG2. when i try to find it, STATA does not recognise it. I tried to install it, it does not work. I do not know what can be the problem. any suggestions please?