Commenting on Effect Size in a paper

Hi, I am conducting a critical appraisal of one study and I am required to comment on the how large the effect size of the intervention is. The study in question has two interventions groups and a control, they used a three group analysis of variance with post hoc bonferroni correction. They have presented baseline scores of the outcome measures and presented mean change in scores from baseline with SD and 95% CI and P-value at 3 months and 9 months. While there is clear change in mean score from baseline, I do not know how to calculate how large the treatment effect size is, I though Coehn d, however I am read that is only for when there is 2 groups, and the paper does not provide information to calculate the absolute relative risk (ARR) or numbers to treat (NNT)

I will be very appreciative of any help


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Were treatments randomized? I thought they had a cohen's d for all measures (conversion)? Why cant you just use the differences with 95% CI's? Equal sample sizes?
Groups were randomised with unequal sample sizes, research lead me to Cohen f but that's where I got stuck. My understanding of 95% CI is how precise the treatment effect is not effect size. Is that right