Compare Correlation Coefficients

Hi everyone,

I currently have to do an empirical work in Stata and need some help. I have a regression in this form and want to compare the regression coefficients for two subgroups:

reg var1 var2 var2#D

var1 and var2 are continouus variables, D is a dummy variable.

To compare the regression coefficients, I first computed another Dummy D2 for the specific group I want to analyse and run the regression for both groups, meaning:

reg var1 var2 var2#D if D2==1
reg var1 var2 var2#D if D2==2

Now I can compare the results, but I need also to know the significance level for the differences of the coefficients b0, b1, b2 and b1+b2.

I already informed myself with the following example (, but I cannot manage to get the differences in my regression since there are more than two variables, already a dummy and an interaction term.

Does anyone know how to deal with that regression? (Maybe even in Stata?)

I hope my post is understandable ;)

UPDATE: Sorry for the disturbance, I just found the solution!
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