Compare groups according to significant differences in mean day spending per person

Please accept my apologies, the question to follow has probably been posted already a million times. Nevertheless, the whole flood of numbers is somehow overwhelming me and I can't just not figure out which statistical measures are the right ones for my particular research project. :(

I need to compare groups and need some help with choosing the right test.

I need to test (a) average day spending per person which is given in a currency (€) against (b) several variables. The goal is to find out whether the average spending differs significantly according to the different variables in (b).

For (b) i have several groups of persons such as e.g.

1) Residents, German visitors, Foreign visitors which are summarized in a variable named 'Category' where '1' accounts for Resident, '2' for German visitor, '3' for foreign visitor etc.

2) Then there is a variable for age which is metric.

3) Dummy variables for income and education. (coded 1 and 0 for each category).

4) A variable for day visitor (dummy variable)

My question now is, do I need to use a t-test in order to test for significant differences in average day spending according to the several determinants? Or is Anova the better option? Do I maybe need differnt types of t-test? Or how do i need to prepare my variables in (b) in order to get useful results????

Thanks for helping!