Compare odds ratios across groups in multilevel modelling

It has been argued that it is problematic to compare log-odds ratios and odds ratios across samples, across groups (Mood 2010, ‘Logistic Regression: Why We Cannot Do What We Think We Can Do, and What We Can Do About It’), and the possible solution could be to use y-standardisation, average marginal effects. However, all the solutions are for single level modelling.

I am doing some research to use logistic regressions to compare offending in a pre and post period. However, we are dealing with multilevel modeling. For example, we have location as a level 2 variable and will examine the random effects. So my question is, how can I apply possible solutions like y-standardisation, average marginal effects into multilevel analysis? Do I need to make adjustment for the odd ratios in multilevel modeling? Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you.