Comparing groups- what test to use


I am looking to compare the means for two groups (midfield - forward; top - bottom) against each other.

Could someone please assist me in choosing what t test to use, or whether it is even a t test.

an example of the data I am comparing is:

Goals Top 5 Goals Bottom 5

As you can see I need to carry out at least 3 different t tests on the data.

First off I would like to compare the means for the midfield only from the top 5 to the midfield of the bottom 5.

Another test to compare the midfield to the forwards in only the top 5.

And finally another test to compare the means for the midfield and forwards of the top 5 to the midfield and forwards of the bottom 5.

Please any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this is part of my dissertation, and I need to get my statistical analysis done so I can crack on with the results section.


Aaron C
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This is a bit difficult to understand. Could you first describe
your study objective and your study design?

With kind regards

Hi K,

My objective is to determine the relationship between the two groups (top 5 Vs bottom 5) and then break it down further by comparing the midfield against forwards in just the bottom 5 etc.

Hi aaronc,

Its the use of general terms like "compare" and "analyse" that may be causing some confusion. What is it that you are trying to understand? For instance, are you trying to show that the groups belong to a population with a proposed mean and / or standard deviation, or are you trying to find the probability of an event occurring?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi Leroy,

Yes I am trying to determine the strength of the relationship between the means of the two selected groups.

I want to establish whether their is any correlation between the means of the two groups. Sorry I did not make it clear what I wanted to do in the first place K.