Comparing habitat use across two different locations - mann whitney U?


I'm really stuck with what test to use with my data. I have data on habitat use of 6 different habitat types across 2 locations and I'm unsure what test is most suitable. I thought initially mann whitney U but this doesn't seem to be working for me. I've attached the table below so you can see what i'm working with. Any advice would be AMAZING thank you in advance!

Habitat Location Values
Grassland Hartland 75.5
Heathland Hartland 2
Other Hartland 0.5
Scrubland Hartland 10
Wetland Hartland 6
Woodland Hartland 6
Grassland Arne 13
Heathland Arne 38
Other Arne 1
Scrubland Arne 30
Wetland Arne 3
Woodland Arne 15
Its an assignment to do with GIS so most of the analysis is done on GIS. I have managed to get habitat use data from GIS and I want to investigate whether there is a difference in sika deer habitat use between Arne and Hartland (2 different locations) both locations have the same habitat types but in different proportions (e.g. hartland is dominated by grassland and Arne by heathland) so deer habitat use is quite different, I just want to show this statistically.