Comparing male and female expectations which test shall I use ?

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Background about my problem: I am trying to do a research project for my first statistics course. The project based on data that we collect from our class. I got lost on the internet while I was trying to learn to do proper hypothesis testing so I thought asking might be an option.

Data: The interview is about salary expectations after graduation. There are 100 total participants. mean of expected wage is 3192.00 dollars with a standard deviation of
1519.80 dollars. There are 59 male participants. Their expected salary mean is 2971.186 and the standard deviation is 1440.316. Finally, there are 41 female participants and their mean expected salary is 3509.756 with a standard deviation of 1555.918

First Question: Which one illustrated below is a more testable, acceptable hypothesis?

H0:Females have higher salary expectations.
H0:Females expect to earn 5 percent more than males do

Second question: my teammates and I choose the second hypothesis to test but I could not determine a suitable test for that purpose. There are tests that test the difference between two population means or proportions but I wonder how I state the second hypothesis as the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis, also convert that to a mathematical expression is one of my problems.So I will try to show my steps here and I will be grateful for any tips, resources, or corrections.

Hypothesis: females expect to earn 5 percent more than males do

Null hypothesis: There is no significant difference between the expectations of males and females.

Alternative hypothesis: Females expect to earn %5 percent more than males.



as you see I failed to show %5 part as a mathematical expression.

Thanks in advance, have a good day.