Comparing mean and median values

Hi everyone,

I'm working with Stata to compare the mean and median values of several continuous variables between 2 independent samples (sample size > 100 in each group). Some distributions are heavily skewed, while others have a relatively normal distribution.

I plan on using paired T tests for the mean values (unless you have a suggestion for a better approach).

Any suggestions on appropriate ways to test differences in median values?

Thanks, I appreciate any feedback.
Hi, thanks for your response.

I'm comparing 2 groups within a single National Survey. Maybe this would be better described as a 2 sample t test?


TS Contributor
may be my point was not so clear in my earlier reply. Sorry.
Are your samples independent? If they are, use a 2-sample t-test.
Besides, I was wondering why you planned to also test for a difference in median value.