Comparing mean averages from survey

Okay, I am fairly new to SPSS but am pressed for time in seeing if any statistically significant differences (.05) are evident.

I have two groups (1) (n=30 and (2) n=40). I asked 28 survey questions and have the mean average for each question from each of the two groups.

When I try to analyze by comparing means, independent t-test or any other, I don't see any values for sig. Am I setting up my data incorrectly?

Column 1 (treatment) I have 1 and 2 vertically
Column 2 through 29 Q1, Q2, ... with the mean averages listed for each group vertically.

Mean averages were calculated and I used a 5-point Likert scale in the survey.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help
Do you mean that you only have 2 rows in your Data View? Or do you have 70 rows, 30 of which have a 1 in column 1 and 40 of which have a 2 in column 1?

If you have 70 rows of data, use the crosstab option under the Analyze/Descriptive Statistics menu. Each question for a quarter will be a row in your crosstab, and your group (column 1) will be the field you want for the column. Then click on the Statistics button and choose the "Chi-square" checkbox.

If you've already compressed your data into two rows only (averages for all of group 1 versus all of group 2), I don't know what to do.
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