Comparing Multiple Groups of Likert Scale Questions

I am attempting to determine whether my answers on various questions (from an experiment I conducted) differ from males to females (Values- 1=Male; 2=Female). There are 24 likert scale questions with the answers ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). The 24 questions can be organized into 3 subgroups. What tests should I run in order to identify whether females and males differ between the 3 subgroups? For instance, “Would males rate Group1 lower than females would rate Group1?” or “Would females rate Group2 higher than males would rate both Group1 and Group3?” I have watched so many tutorials, but I’m still unsure what would be the correct test(s) to run in SPSS in order to answer my hypotheses. Should I do a Repeated Measures/Split Plot Anova? Also, I have a fairly large sample size. Thanks for any guidance!
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