Comparing the outcome of two contingency tables

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I have a data set for two different days. The treatments and outcomes are same but the assays were performed on two different days. I would like to understand if the results are showing a likelihood.
I am using the website below to get the G2 value.

Is there any suggestion to get more info on comparing two contingency tables?



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So were treatments randomized and did a person just get one treatment then you recorded the pre post assay values. Provide a little more information, since your description is vague enough that I do not know if you have paired data or not.
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One person got only one treatment. In detail, the elements of the first contingency table did not contribute to anything in the second one. I might use a z-score based statistics to compare the odds ratio?

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If you have an exposure and outcome (single contingency table) and want to stratify data by another categorical variable (make more than one contingency table) and compare say ORs, there are two typical approaches:Mantel Haenzel or multiple logistic regression.