Comparing two groups of cells - Which test to use?

So I have a project to compare the formation of junctions of two groups of cell lines - a normal and a mutated one. I have number of junctions formed plotted against time for each group.
For example: Normal cells have 3 junctions after 120 seconds, 6 junctions after 180 seconds...
The mutated ones form significantly less junctions by the end of two hours, and there is also a bigger time lag before they start forming junctions.
I have data for 5 repeats for each type of cell.
The pattern can clearly be seen by eye and by plotting a graph. However, I need to statistically analyse it. What test should I use to show that there is actually a significant difference?

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How many time points do you have?

One approach is to find a regression model that suits the data for one of the treatments well. For example, maybe the growth is basically linear and you can just fit a linear regression to each group and compare parameters. More likely, you will need to find another function that has enough freedom/parameters to fit the data in a meaningful way. A popular choice is a logistic function. An important consideration is interpreting each of the free parameters in your model in terms of its meaning in your experimental context. For instance the "lag time" you refer to may be reflected in one or more paramters of the model.

Once this is done a test can be formulated for treatment effect, which is actually the easy part!

Sorry if it is vague answer but it is vague question isn't it!:yup: