Comparison of two groups question

Hi all. I think this is quite an elementary question, but I need a little bit of advice.

I have some data on a workforce. For each member of the workforce, I have data on whether they participated in a reporting system: so for each staff member I have the numbers of report they filed.
I also have data on whether each staff member stayed in organisation during the 2 year study period, or left the workforce to find work elsewhere.

My question is how can I compare the rates of reporting between the staff who left the workforce and those who stayed?

So far I've managed to calculate a simple rate of reporting for each member of staff - number of reports / number of days in employment. I'm now a bit stuck!


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I'd say you could use Logistic Regression. Score 1=stayed, 0=left the org; and use the other variables as your predictors.


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what does the distribution of the number of reports looks like? what are the means and standard deviations for each group? also what is you sample size and number of people in each group?