Computing capacity and data analysis sharing platform


My name is Steph and I am a co-founder of

The idea of metricscrowd is to provide a platform for scientists and researchers to offer and hire computing capacity and data analysis services. One can think of something like an Uber for computing time/power and statistics, econometrics, simulation and programming services.

We are a group of academic statisticians and economists and who often came across the problem that our departments computing hardware was not sufficient enough to meet our needs. Finding the right hardware and the right people to setup everything was often difficult.

That’s when we thought that there are probably more scientists facing the same issue and the idea for was born.

The basic idea is that you can offer your service an charge a fee or to simply look for collaborations.

Our website features and escrow service (through paypal) that stores the funds for a project in an escrow account upon starting a project and it will be released once the project has been finalized.

Our plan is to have a silent launch of a first open beta version of our platform soon.

We are currently looking for researchers who work with data and who are open to offer their skills or who have some free computing capacity/time that people can hire.

If you have interest, you can sign up to the email list on our landing page (We will only send you one email about the launch of the open beta and will not spam you).

Once the open beta is up, we would be grateful for any feedback and comments.

If you have any thoughts and suggestions, just post them here.