Computing relative score for % Values distribution ?

Hi ,

I have a survey % values in the following order (in the attachment) with Survey campaign no A1 to A19, and its percentage value i.e (number of surveys successful/total surveys)*!00 , ? Now I have to score the survey campaign such that the min and max values are in the band of 1 to 10 i.e poor (lower) % Values are scored less (near to 1) and good are scored higher (closer to 10)

I have used the following formula to do a relative scoring between 1 to 10 , which I found out in one of the related communities :

y = f(x)
x being the % Value for each survey campaign

f(x) = 9*((x-MIN(%Values))/(MAX(%Values)-MIN(%Values)))+1

Please let me know if this a good approach and if yes , how to statistically articulate this ( am not a statistician

Just curious.
Also please note that the campaigns in the attachment are just 19 and are represntative. Am doing this scoring for close to 100 to 200 campaigns which have % values.


PS: I have not provided the number of surveys,total surveys, just the % successful surveys