Condtional If statement using a date field

I am trying to code a new variable that uses a date field so that if entries have a date greater than x, they get a 1 and less than that date they get a 0. I am doing this under Transform/Compute

I have tried to create an if statement where it equals:


date_var >= 11/07/2012

then target var =1

When I do this, it makes all values in the field 1.... So either the date variable is messed up , or I am not properly defining the date in the if statement? Is there some syntax that I am missing when trying to look for a specific date? I do not believe that the date field is at fault as I am able to successfully extract other data such as year and month from that field. I have searched everywhere online for this solution! Thanks in advance!!
I haven't got SPSS at home, but if you look up date and time functions in the command syntax reference manual, it will explain, i.e. use DATE.DMY(dd,mm,yyyy) to convert your literal for use in the IF statement.