Conducting a White's test in SPSS

PLEASE anyone?? I'm really struggling here...

Hi everyone,

I've seen a tutorial on youtube on how to conduct a white's test in spss. I was wondering if you could confirm this is the right way to do it, because I've read some others ways as well.
I conduct a white's test like this : First I just run my regression and save the unstandardized predicted values en unstandardized residuals. Then I run a regression again, with the squared unstandardized residuals as the dependent, and the predicted values and the squared predicted values as the independents. In the output I look at the p-value of the F test, if this is significant, there is heteroscedasticity.

Please tell me that's the right way to do it :) Another question, the White's test would be less powerfull with more predictors. I was wondering how many predictors would be too much... :)

I don't think this matters for my question, but anyway, the N = 219. :) Thanks in advance!!
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