confidence and prediction interval

Let's say I have the following data:

y: 19.695 77.310 138.938 16.382 36.249 111.078 9.497 61.270 42.804 52.931
x: 4.0860 8.6203 11.6592 3.6581 5.7662 10.3961 2.5488 7.6335 6.3091 7.0662

A linear regression in Minitab gives 95% confidence bands and prediction bands. My minitab image is below.

From the image I can probably read off the 95% confidence interval and 95% prediction interval for when x equals, say, 8, but I don't know what formula minitab uses to figure out this confidence interval and prediction interval.

The output from minitab actually had an ANOVA table, so would I use the square root of the error mean square to estimate the standard error?
Hi Macro90,

Minitab output a "S = 8.64303", which is the standard error of estimate. Square root of MSE is another estimate of the standard error. They should be very close, if not the same.

I couldn't find the formula for the CI and PI from Minitab help. It's probably the same formula from your textbook. :)