confidence interval and p value

dialysis Odds Ratio Std. Err. z P>z [95% Conf. Interval]

logintercept .0001105 .0003682 -2.73 0.006 1.61e-07 .0756841

Dear , I am have tried univariate regression analysis in my project using stata and it gave me the abaove results.The results doesnt make sense to me a ,although the P =0.006, the confidence interval does pass through 1???

Did I do anything wrong?
how to interpret and defend th results this way.
This happen also when I put this variable in multivariate analysis?

thanks in advance


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Can you take a screen shot of your output and upload it. That would drastically help us with an interpretation.

Thank you.
I am not following you, the confidence interval is from

.000000161 to .0756841 with an estimate of .0001105 and SE of .0003682.

Can you give a little information on why this result does not make sense? The confidence interval does not pass through log (1) [i.e. 0].