Confused about t-stats and P-value

Can anyone explain to me how to get a P-value for a t-stat of 3.573 with 9 degrees of freedom. The tables are confusing to me- I'm taking an online class, so I'm trying to teach myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
most tables are organized witht the df expressed running across the top and the t values on the side. To find your p value just first find the df and the works down that colum until you reach the row with your coresponding t. Generally if your t value falls in between two in the list you take the average, I think been a long time since I had to use tables.


TS Contributor
In Excel, use the function =TDIST(x,deg_freedom,tails)

substitute 3.573 for x, 9 for deg_freedom, and 1 or 2 for tails

I don't seem to have that function on my excel - is there another name for it possibly? Or can I do it on my TI 83 Plus?