Contributions over the span of four years.

This one is irritating me:

From the years 2001 to 2004, the following data is compiled for political contributions in a particular party:

Made a contribution?
Year Yes No
2001 469 218
2002 582 371
2003 731 589
2004 646 488

Using a 5% level of significance, test the null hypothesis that the percentage of contributors is the same across the stated years.

Ughh!!! Where do I begin? The video lesson on this stuff gives simple, easy to understand examples and then blows you away on the work! Somebody please help.
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You can do a chi-square test of independence with this one.

The rows of the table will be row1 = "yes", row2 = "no", and then each column would represent a year, so you'll have a 2x4 table.

See the attached image for a picture of the table.