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I am currently working on one of my projects but I have hit a stumbling block. Now, my dataset is around 37,000 large varying from the year 1996 to 2017. I am trying to run a custom analysis table but I want to only have a certain month selected in which my data is selected from.

Now I've gone into select cases > if > Xdate.Month (05) so that all my cases are from the month of May. When I go into data view I can quite clearly see that it hasn't worked.

Where am I going wrong?
Hi forum

I've just tried this instead but nothing seems to be working, :shakehead

DATE.MOYR(5,1996) AND DATE.MOYR(5,1997) AND DATE.MOYR(5,1998) AND DATE.MOYR(5,1999) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2000) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2001) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2002) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2003) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2004) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2005) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2006) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2007) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2008) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2009) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2010) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2012) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2013) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2014) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2015) AND DATE.MOYR(5,2016)


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It is quite impossible that this works, since you want to select a case which is from May 1996 AND May 1997 AND May 1998 (...) at the same time.
select cases > if > Xdate.Month (05)
Probably XDATE.MONTH(your_datevariable) = 5

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