Controlling mediation effect in a binary logistic regression

Hi everbody,

It's my first post and I hope I posted in the right forum.

In my master thesis I use binary logistic regression:
a dichotomous variable as dependent variable, and four ratio scaled variables as independent variables.

2 of the independent variables turns out as significant predictors (Let's call them Var A and Var B.)

But there are doubts that there could be a mediation effect. As mediator Var A might affect the relation between Var B and the dependent variable.

Now to my question. How do I control mediators in a logistic regression? How does a mediation analysis in logistic regression work?

In a linear regression you can residualize the influence, but I do work with a logistic regression. I paid attention to the correlation between Var A and Var B, which was moderate (0.5). But I am not sure, if that's enough of controlling.

I'm thankful for every answer.

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You may also have some luck looking in genetic research. That is where I have seen some good literature. In particular the presence of certain genes and their mediating effects.