convenience sampling and p-values

Dear all,
I am in the middle of my research. I gathered data (via convenience sampling). I intend to run PCA/EFA and then use dimensions in logistic regression model. Since my sample is nonprobabilistic I can not formulate any inferences about population.
My question is - what do I do with p-values? Do I report them? Should I "care" if my model is insignificant?
I think that p-values only make sense with probability sampling...
Thanks in advance for any input.


TS Contributor
I think you are right about the p values, but I guess you should report them anyway with the appropriate caveat.
What is research question, and how can you answer it with an opportunistic sample?

Well, my main research question is how older customers perceive loyalty programs. As this research is part of my MSc thesis, I do not have resources to get representative sample (hardly a justification). I chose opportunistic sample because it's more of exploratory than confirmatory research.