Conversion of DICOM in Analyze img - Package: oro.dicom

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to convert my Dicom images in the Analyze tipe, but I found some problems. I wanna access the header info (with a function of the package "Analyze fMRI"), but it still gives me errors.
> dcmList <- readDICOM(system.file("central slice", package="oro.dicom"))
Warning messages:
1: In .HTMLsearch(query) : Unrecognized search field: title
2: In .HTMLsearch(query) : Unrecognized search field: keyword
3: In .HTMLsearch(query) : Unrecognized search field: alias

> dcmAnlz <- dicom2analyze(dcmList, datatype=4, mode="integer")
Warning message:
In create3D(dcm, ...) :
ImagePositionPatient is moving in more than one dimension.

> image(dcmAnlz)
Hit <Return> to see next plot:
> imageDim ,-$dim[2: 4]
Error: unexpected ',' in "imageDim ,"
> imageDim <-$dim[2: 4]
Error in$dim :
$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
In addition: Warning message:
In if (file.exists(file.img) == FALSE) return(paste(file.img, "not found")) :

the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used

> imageDim <-[1])$dim[2: 4]
Error in[1])$dim :
$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

What's the problem?I don't understand :shakehead