Correlating bird diversity with sampled parameters like area size, elevation R-studio

For my thesis I need to find the connection between bird diversity and a bunch of parameters we recorded in the field for each locality. The recorded field parameters are variables like canopy density (in percentages), disturbance by fire (with values between 0 and 3), elevation of the area or tree height (in meters and so on) as seen in the picture.

I need to check for correlations between these data and then do the stats to see which parameters influence the presences-absences of the species or the total number of species documented for each patch.

I suppose I would have to categorize all of the data so they are comparable e.g. transform the data in percentages and the ones ranging between 0 and 3 so that they all have values between 1 and 10 (for example representing 0-10% canopy density or a value of 0-0,3 for disturbance by fire).

I had the idea to do A CCA analysis in R. To link the bird diversity to the other parameters I was thinking of a Spearman rank correlation test or a Correspondence analysis, but I do not really know which is the propper way to go at this problem.

Any input would be very welcome! I have R-studio on my computer but can get SPSS as well.
Thanks in advance.