Correlation between data and people

Hi all,
I need your help for this problem.

I have to understand the probability to identify the person of a team gives me the product dirtier. For example:

Team 1: A, B, C. Dirty = 5
Team 2: A, C. Dirty = 3
Team 3: E, D. Dirty = 10
Team 4: A,D. Dirty = 1

At first sight without calculations, for this example, I believe that is most likely "E" to cause as much dirt and "A" for the best clean.

The team can be formed from one or more people. The work is always the same. For now without considering the variable that the number of people affects a dirt or clean product and the relationship without the people.

Doing another job, Can I use a mathematical/statistical approach for this type of issue? And if yes, what.

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I think you would need the total number of parts per group - i.e. did the group A,B,C produce 5 Dirty out of a 100!whereas the group A,D only produced one part an that one was Dirty ?

With this you could estimate various conditional probabilities, I think.

rogojel thanks and sorry for the delay.

mhh... i don't think so is it possible. The dirty is a microbic count and there is not a max.
Now is 10 tomorrow will be 20. I can use the max count at day to compare the other. I will try but I can't understand how you can calculate who is the person (a, B, C,...) which causes more dirt.

Hi alexhalesperry thanks for support...

I can try to explain the problem better. I make another example:
I've three team:

A+B = TEAM 1 = It eats 10 pices of pizza;
C+B = TEAM 2 = It eats 5 pices of pizza;
C+A = TEAM 3 = It eats 6 pices of pizza.

At first sight I can make these supposition:
1) When A is present in the team, It eat more. So I can assume A eat a lot.
2) When C is present in the team it eat less. So I can assume C dosen't eat much.
3) More or less B eats like A.

Is it possible use the statistics or probability to solve it? Considering that I could have many teams.
this is my real case:

The Team members are the number (member code) between team and pizza

Team A = 40, 1, 29, 9, 21, 36, 29, 9, 10, 40, 5 = They eat 19 pices of pizza
Team B = 28, 15, 15, 6, 42 = They eat 8 pices of pizza
Team C = 14, 15, 15, 6, 27 = They eat 8.2 pices of pizza
Team D = 22, 19, 19, 11, 11 = They eat 7 pices of pizza
Team E = 10, 21, 29, 17, 16, 40, 25, 37, 20, 7, 35, 33, 31, 38, 34 = they eat 20 pices of pizza

This is my real case. Can i calculate how many pices of pizza are ate by the member number 40?
Or I can make a % list from who eat more to who eat less? Or other type of list to summarize the phenomenon.

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