Correlation (Relationship) study survey - SPSS - Tests to be conducted?


I have collected data (n=84) for a study on the impact of non-financial reward satisfaction on employee's intention to stay in the organisation.

My survey [Attached the copy of my survey]
consists of 1-5 Likert Scale [V.Satisifed to V.Dissatisfied] ; Yes,maybe,no ; Importance
Statement type Q with 1-5 Likert [S.Agree to S.Disagree] with 6 items
Ranking Preference Question
Multiple response question [Tick all that apply]

Demographic :
Age [category]
Gender [M/F]
Salary [category]

Hypothesis 1: Non-Financial Reward satisfaction supersedes satisfaciton gained from Financial Rewards
H2: The more employees are satisfied with their salary , there is high expectation on non-financial reward
H3: Relationship between employees who are satisfied with NFR recieved will have greater intent to stay
H4: Intrinsic motivators will have a significant effect on the relationship btwn employee intention to stay and Non-fin Reward.

How do I test the hypothesis?

Some of the information acc to to my knowledge which I believe should be done: [If wrong,correct me please]

[A] I believe I need to find the descriptive stats and freq for each of the questions and Reliability analysis for the questions with Likert Scale??

I should be performing a CORRELATION Analysis between the variables ex: salary and employees who are satisified with Non-Fin rewards

[C] Should Cross tab be performed acc to the hyp developed ?

Should I do Regression or T-tests?? How do I find what are the tests should be undertaken ?