Could someone please help me with this Biostats problem.

Over a 2-year period, 34 European women with previous gestational diabetes were retrospectively
recruited from West London antenatal databases for a study conducted by Kousta et al. (A-30). One of
the measurements for these women was the fasting nonesterified fatty acids concentration (NEFA)
measured in mmol=L. In the sample of 34 women, the mean NEFA level was 435 with a sample
standard deviation of 215.0. Construct a 95 percent confidence interval for the mean fasting NEFA
level for a population of women with gestational diabetes. State all necessary assumptions about the
reported data and subjects.


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Hi Work_hard.

Generall you shouldn't just paste a homework question ...(work easy :) )

Please look at the following link, and try to solve it. you can also compare to the calculator's result.
After you tried to solve, if you still have question, please let me know what you did and I will glad to try to help you :)

From my experience, when I try to solve a problem myself I learn much more than just reading the solution.



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Can you please show me how did you get 46, 296? The confidence interval is around the average ...
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