Counting stats and percentages (with a backstory)

Greetings all, first of all, let me preemptively apologize for my extremely rudimentary and crude terminology as it pertains to statistics. I'm a statistics novice yet really enjoy using stats to predict outcomes, I am a very large enthusiast of fantasy sports, basketball and football are my two main passions and I love using projected stats to be able to predict the outcomes for players I will use in fantasy sports! I primarily use Excel spreadsheets to pool my data before drafts. In order to win the basketball league I'm going to be playing in, I will need to win five out of nine available stat categories. These categories are: Free-throw percentage, steals, assists, points, and three-pointers made.

I used to sort players in descending order of these stats and then (next to those values [in the next cell]) rank them on a scale of 1 (the highest) to 200ish (the lowest). While this proved to be a relatively accurate representation of which players were going to be good at the categories I was looking to be proficient in, I decided that I would instead, take percentages of the player's contribution to a given category to account for a player's aptitude in said categories while also taking statistic scarcity into account. To do this, I took the sum of every single number of a said category listed in my sheet, the divided the player's projection by that sum and multiplied by 100, then I added the totals up to give me the player who is best at these stats on a percentage basis.

This works wonderfully for stats like steals, points, three-pointers made and assist, because they are counting categories… However, incorporating free-throw percentage is throwing me for a loop. I've decided to create my own category which I call weighted free-throw percentage which accounts for how many times a player shoots a free-throw along with their FT%. I calculate the league average FT%, subtract that from the player's projected FT% and then multiply by free throw attempts, this often creates a negative number as half of the league will shoot below league average.

However, since this is a percentage-based category I cannot nearly add it to all of the other counting category percentages, unless I take a percentage of the percent? Is there someway that I can incorporate this percentage category with all my other counting statistics while keeping the ratio of the other four counting stats so I can add all five stats together so that each is equally represented? Hope someone can help!