Cox analysis to assess a variable as predictor of trend within a specific period?

Hello to everybody! First of all thank you because you have been extremely helpful throughout :)

This is my new case:

I have an independent continuous variable that is a result of a measurment (blood test)

I have several decrete variables that are all tests been performed (0= test negative; 1= positive). For each of these variable I have a result at time 0 and a second result at time 1. The two measuraments of the variables have been taken within 2 year but for each record the follow up has been more or less always the same: 1 year.

I would like to assess if the independent variable can be considered as predictor of the trend of those dependent descrete variables. I have also to adjust my result for age and sex. Is this the case for a cox analysis? I think so but I would like to have a confirmation. Assumed so I even tried to perform it on SPSS but I got confused about what to put where and etc. Assuming A as the independent variable and B0, B1, C0, C1, D0, D1 etc and the time between the two measurament always the same, could you please explain me how to go ahead?
Thank you very much


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Hey Rerun,

Sounds like an interesting problem. So, you have follow-up period of 1 year but only take 2 measurements (at start and one year later)?
A cox regression is useful when the data is censored. If you only have two measurements, then then wont be much censoring...

I don't think I understood your objectives very well. What is your objective? What is your response variable? and What are your covariates?