Creating a single line graph

Probably graphs is not exactly the topic of this forum, but i needed help in this regard.
I have values in one column. Like below:
Blogs Ind.	-4.34
Blogs MW	-1.93
Blogs News	0.20
Blogs Tech	1.59
Columns	6.59
Blogs Ind. (US)	-4.47
Blogs MW (US)	-3.52
Blogs News (US)	0.51
Blogs Tech (US)	-0.74
Columns (US)	3.37
I wanna show them on single scale ranging positive to negative so that I can see where particular category lies. Please see below an example:

Unfortunately I am unable to pinpoint the name of this very simple graph and search a way to implement it in MS excel.
Your help will be highly valuable for me.