Creating an index- missing values


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Hi, I am creating an index variable which is basically three variables added together. However, I need to make sure each participant answered all three variables. How can I delete cases so that each person has a value for variable one, two and three?

Many thanks, and hopefully when I am experienced enough, I can contribute to this forum :)
I wouldn't bother to delete the cases. I would create a new variable (your index variable) which is equal to variable1 + variable2 + variable3 IF variable1 =/= 0 AND variable2 =/= 0 AND variable3 =/= 0 (or whatever your nonanswer is).

In the alternative, you can select the variable name, right click and sort ascending. That should put all the nonanswers together. Then you can delete the cases with nonanswers. Repeat as necessary for the other variables. But remember: deletion is permanent. So that's why I don't recommend it.