creating & analysing a rating scale

Hi all

I work for a charity and want to design an instrument to look at how our interventions are affecting our clients. I am really struggling with the design of this as I know very little about statistics, please can you help?

I want to give clients a questionnaire with Likert-items at our first meeting, and again the same one at our last meeting, and I want to compare the difference. I am now working on creating appropriate questions. All Qs will have the same 6-point scale.

1. I am following the instructions on this page, but I am unsure if I can do all the analyses they mention (because I don't have spss and am stuggling to understand how to do them itherwise). Will my scale be useless unless I do the correlation matrix computation and find t-values?

2. If I want to compare before and after scores, what is the best type of analyses to do? I understand that means are not very helpful, so what else can I do? I will be using excel to do this. It doesn't have to be very detailed -- I just want to to be able to say if there is a difference before and after. The instructions I can find all seem to be very technical and out of my league.

Please help! Thanks.