Creating variable (alpha?)

Good afternoon everyone,

Currently I am doing my thesis and use Stata to run my analysis. However I am having a problem right now with my data.

I have two collumns with values (both 0 to 100 scores) which need to merged into one value. Does anybody know how to do this in Stata? (read somewhere to use alpha command)
In addition I need to create a dummy variable (of this result of the two merged values). This dummy variable needs to be 0 for everything below the mean and 1 for everything above the mean. What is the command for this one in Stata?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
You can make use of Stata commands

gen aaa = <...>
replace aaa = <...> if bbb == <...>
Thanks for your quick response, really appreciate that and tried this! Also tried another command... However I am still struggling with my data, I think I am doing something wrong

In Stata I uploaded score 1 (column 1) and score 2 (column 2) and run the command in order to retrieve the alpha score. The command I used was:

"alpha variable 1 variable 2, std gen(new variable)"

Hereafter I created a dummy variable if the standardized mean > 0 I gave it a 1 and if the standardized mean < 0 I gave it a 0. (see attachment)
Am I doing this correctly or would you suggest something else?

Thanks in advance and best regards,