cross correlation and autocorrelation


I wonder if anyone could help me to better understand and interprete the Std error and Box-Ljung statistics in the output tables of autocorrelation and cross correlatrion. I am trying to conduct time series analysis on two variables, but have to understand their correlation behaviour first.

Particualarly I don't get this part:

Cross Correlations
Series Pair: B3_OQS with B3_OBS
Lag Cross Correlation Std. Error(a)
-3 -.238 .707
-2 -.216 .577
-1 .287 .500
0 .713 .447
1 .272 .500
2 -.342 .577
3 -.561 .707

a Based on the assumption that the series are not cross correlated and that one of the series is white noise.

The constraint a is quite confusing since there is always an amount of cross-correlation, so how Std error is interpreted here?

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