Dason, is that your dog??


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I'm sorry to disappoint but the dog in my avatar isn't my dog. It is one classy dog though.

No my dog is much more sleepy than the dog in my avatar:

I do have to say it completely made my day waking up from a nap and seeing "Dason, is that your dog?" as the newest thread. But I think I might move this to Random Chat.

... Then again the dog in my avatar is pretty **** classy and probably could code in R in its sleep. Tough decision.

Edit: Here's another picture of my dog because OMG DOGGIES HAHAH LOL!!!



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LOL. I have been meaning to thank you for the picture of you and your dog. I'd just got in from an evening out when I posted that and really didn't expect such a comprehensive answer including pictures! Anyway, thanks duly given.


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lies... lies lies ALL LIES! he promises awesome likelihood ratio test functions for covariance matrices in R and gives you just some samples from a uniform distribution.

there! i said it! i'm exposing you right here and now. cocoonnelly is on to something


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Isn't it redundant to say a statistician lies?

(actually I think they are honest, but I hear every day that others don't share that view). :p
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