Data Collection

I am an education major and am lost in my research class! I have the research question of, "How does classical music playing in the background impact student focus and writing skills?" Can someone help me determine which data collection tools to employ? Thanks!
Well first you need to start thinking about how you can quantify your variables. I imagine you might be thinking about having one group listening to classical music, another listening to no music and maybe a third group listening to something else. You can check the existing literature to help you choose appropriate groups. It will also guide whether the exposure to classical music has immediate benefits or only manifests over some time frame.

Then how are you going to measure student focus and writing skills? There must be tests for writing skills, but focus may be more difficult? But if you are really interested in attainment then maybe there is no need to measure focus.

Basically delve into the existing research literature on this subject and see what they have done and why.

"How does..." is a bit vague. With a more definitive hypothesis a lot of the choices will suggest themselves. Something like 'exposure to classical music during class over a term improves writing skills'.