‘Data Envelopment Analysis’ in STATA

Hi all,

I am a beginner with STATA and I need to use the DEA methodology for my thesis.

I run 'help dea' and I downloaded some user-written command to run DEA in STATA from the STATA Journal. However, I am not able to follow step-by-step the commands used and to replicate the results and the graphs.

For example, the first step should be

'dea ivars = ovars' where ivars and ovars are the input and output variable lists.

I run 'dea input1 input2 = output1 output2 output3' in my file 'Input&Output'.dta but the result is 'variable dmu not found in option rownames() r(111);

In addition, my 'ivars' and 'ovars' are based on multi-years. How can I take into account this as well?

Many thanks for your help on this!!



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I know this is too late. But it might help someone looking for the answer. So,

just use this code before using dea.

generate dmu = _n

This code numbers the observations in preparation for DEA. Hope it helps. :)